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Welcome To SIG, Nepal!

Storm International Group (SIG) Nepal, was established in Kathmandu in 2019 AD with the mission to provide "a complete educational solution" amongst the growing number of students considering overseas education. Located centrally at Hattisar, Kathmandu with ample space, classrooms equipped with high tech study materials, well-experienced counselors and instructors.

Studying abroad is not “just going abroad for study” only; it's a long process of wisdom. Here at SIG, Nepal we strongly encourage our students not to limit themselves as a visitor to their host country but to immense themselves in their culture and learn new things.

Educational consultants have often been accused of being impersonal towards students and considering them as business and nothing more. I wanted to change it and empower students so that they could transform into upstanding global citizens and better humans for the future. My experience in the field more than one and half decade and my zeal lead me to establish SIG, Nepal with the long-term vision of facilitating awareness about the benefits of education in this cross-cultural and naturally beautiful country of Nepal. SIG,Nepal has its own recognition between the many co-existent educational consultancies operating being always as the first choice among the students aspiring for abroad study programs. We provide various test preparation classes and counseling sessions to comfort students in choosing the best foreign universities.

We are keen to carry student's aim to the best education institutions abroad and have developed programs accordingly to fully utilize the capacity to expand their horizon forward to international arena. SIG,Nepal believes in better youth and envisages them as a responsible citizen for the development of country, once they are back with their international degrees. We provide placement for students in plentiful educational institutes at varying locations all over the world. SIG,Nepal is one among the most qualitative education consultancies providing its services on behalf of the student's desires and destinations. We advise suitable career options after analyzing their inherent capabilities and co ordinates the best education policies for them.

Thank you!

Krishna Raj Pokhrel

Managing Director